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About Us

Orangic Smart Technology Pvt.Ltd is a 1st Technological Company In Janakpur that specializes in software development, Web Development, App Develoment, Graphic Design, VFX Animation. Since 2017, the company has offered a wide range of high quality services in the development, delivery, and maintenance of software in Nepal.


Our mission is to help enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation. Whether it is a consumer-oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, the company leads the process from ideation and concept to delivery, and provides ongoing support

We use best latest technology to provide good quality services to our clients.

Front-End Devlopment

We are one of the noted web and application development companies with premium front end services. As we use latest technologies such as BOOTSTRAP5, MATERILIZE, & RECT JS, ETC


For BACK-END DEVELOPMENT we use latest technologies such as PHP, LARAVEL, NODE JS, MONGO DB, MY SQL ETC


We also design great looking dyanamic website using awesom & latest themes with full data-security for our users.

We are also Prominent in designing FANTASTIC & ATTRACTIVE posters, pamplets, bouchures, flyers, etc content, to boost your bussiness on next level of publicity & advertisment.

Awesome Advertisment Poster Designing

For designing good looking advertisment posters & flyers, we use ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, CANVA, ADOBE EXPRESS ETC.

Asthetic Logo Designing

We also design asthetic logos for companies, instutions & individiual using best tech such as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, CORAL DRAW ETC.


We also deals in video editing & VFX designing using softwares such as BLENDER, PREMIER PRO, FILMORA, AFTER EFFECTS.

We also provide Training to new commerce to be self reliant & independent in web-designing, graphic designing & editing

Web Designing & Hosting

Digital Marketing

Graphic designig & Video Editing

Computer Opetating Basics

Candid Photography

Videography & Drone Cinematography

Our Clients

For any queries Contact US To solve any IT problem.

We are specilized in solving any IT problems, Developing awesom Softwares Websites & Virtual Ecosystems , including Digital Marketing & SEO Optimization. SO Hurry Up.

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Our Services

Orangic Smart Technology is the IT company, which is working on e-Commerce, web & mobile software development, VFX Animation, Domain Hosting, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing etc. We specialize in outsourcing software development projects and in delivering end-to-end development & testing services.

Web Development

We design a website that is compatible with all the designs. We provide the best development and designing services along with SSL,SEO and more, from very long years. Our web development process is unique, well-researched and properly organized to match with every clients needs and business goals.

App Develoment

We specialize in creating mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS (iPhone and iPad). We also do HTML5 responsive web apps. Our expertise is in developing data driven, collaborative apps for consumer, startup and enterprise solutions with insightful analytics.

Domain & Hosting

We are giving affordable domain to our customer with Free SSL service, and also provide cheapest web hosting for web application and mobile application. And also we manage hosting for your business from any server.

Graphic Designing

Everything from your business cards to your website should stand out in a crowd. we do are eye-catching, unique , memorable and designed according to the client's requirements.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

We provide best Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services. Our SEO team are very much experience and are able provide best services. Team members work to made on client website to make it SEO friendly as recognized by search engine standards.

VFX Animation

Our team also create Animated films, Cartoons and do Video editing works using VFX which makes more attractive and real look. We are making best 3D,4D animation movies and short movies.

Akul Prasad Sah

Director of Mithilajagaran

Orangic Smart Technology's impact on our company has been nothing short of remarkable. Their IT solutions have streamlined our operations, enhanced our user experience, and given us a competitive edge. We're talking about a true tech powerhouse

Aakash Mishra

Hotel Baba Ko Dhaba

ओरेन्जिक स्मार्ट टेक्नोलोजी हाम्रो व्यापारका लागि एक रचनात्मक परिवर्तनकर्ता थियो। उनीहरूको आई.टी. समाधानले हाम्रो संचालनलाई परिपूर्ण गरेको छ, र हामी यसको नतीजामा सन्तुष्ट छौं। हाम्रो डिजिटल प्रस्तुति ले नयाँ उचाइहरूमा अभिवृद्धि गरेको छ, र उनीहरूलाई हामी आफ्नो प्रौद्योगिकीको साथीको रूपमा गरेका छौं।

Pashupati Nath Karn

भौतिक पूर्वाधार विकास मन्त्रालय

ओरेन्जिक स्मार्ट टेक्नोलोजी अब अगाडि बढ्दै आइ.टी. को दुनियामा एउटा नयाँ सांदर्भिकता हो। उनीहरूको समाधानले हाम्रो क्रियाकलापलाई पुनरावलोकन गरेको छ, र हामी अब अधिक प्रभावकारी, परिणामकारी र प्रतिस्पर्धात्मक छौं। यसले सानो बदललाई महत्त्वपूर्ण बदलमा परिणत गरेको छ।

मा. सिंगासन सा कलवार

ऊर्जा, सिंचाई तथा खानेपानी मन्त्रालय, मधेश प्रदेश

ओरेन्जिक स्मार्ट टेक्नोलोजीले मन्त्रालय वेबसाइटको लागि अत्यधिक साकारात्मक प्रभाव पारेको छ। उनीहरूको आई.टी. समाधानले हाम्रो संचालनको तरिका सुगम गरेको छ, र हामीलाई अधिक संचारिक बनाएको छ। हामी उहाँको उतरोत्तर प्रगतिको कामना गर्दछौ।

Sudarshan Pokhrel

Tamakoshi FM (Dolakha)

Orangic Smart Technology isn't just a vendor; they're a true partner in progress. Their IT solutions have not only optimized our processes but have also fueled our aspirations. It's refreshing to work with a company that shares our passion for excellence

Niranjan Kumar Sah

Radio Juntara, Gaushala - Mahottari

Orangic Smart Technology has a unique ability to make the complex seem simple. Their IT solutions have not only solved our technical woes but have also opened doors to new opportunities we never thought possible.

Our Pricing

We provide most efficent and market freindly pricing for all sorts of budget. Determine our wide range of pricing for all sorts of websites and posters that fits your bussiness & budget .

Static Website

Rs3999/ website

  • Awesome UI Interface
  • User freindly Designs
  • User freindly Designs
  • Free SSL Certificate Available.
  • Design & Customize own website
  • Owner to customer interaction

Wordpress Website

Rs9999 / website

  • UI interface according to wordpress Theme
  • User freindly Designs provide according to theme
  • SSL Certificate Available.
  • Provides good platform to advertise your bussiness
  • Design & Customize own website(Limited by wordpress)
  • Owner to customer interaction